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Gemba Kaizen

A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management

Masaaki Imai

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approach management
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production site
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top management
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commonsense low-cost approach
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products services
Masaaki Imai
Yotaro Kobayashi
Lewis Platt
Edward Johnson
Gemba Kaizen
A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management
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Continuous improvement
Core capabilities
Customer service
Cycle time
Demand chain
Disruptive technology
Distribution channels
Electronic commerce
Just in time
Mass customization
New consumerism
Process development
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Whole product concept
Masaaki Imai
Yotaro Kobayashi
Lewis Platt
Edward Johnson

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Following are the titles and brief quotes from the Concept Extracts that make up this Concept Book Summary.
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An Introduction to Kaizen

"Most uniquely Japanese management practices, such as total quality control or companywide quality control, quality circles, and our style of labor relations, can be reduced to one word: kaizen."

Following the PDCA/SDCA Cycles

"The PDCA cycle revolves continuously; no sooner is an improvement made than the resulting status quo becomes the target for further improvement."

Gemba and Management

"This approach contrasts sharply with perceptions of gemba that regard it as a place where things always go wrong, a source of failure and customer complaints."

Managing a Production Site

"Staying in close contact with and understanding gemba is the first step in managing a production site effectively."

Find the Root Cause

"The opportunities for making such a change immediately abound in gemba, and one of the most popular axioms of gemba kaizen is "Do it now. Do it right away!""

Quality Management in Gemba

"Companies can achieve dramatic improvement through such basic activities as reviewing the standards, housekeeping, collecting data on rejects, and conducting group activities for problem solving."

Operational Standards

"Standards have the following key features."

Good Housekeeping in Five Steps

"Employees must follow established and agreed-upon rules at each step, and by the time they arrive at shitsuke they will have the discipline to follow such rules in their daily work."

Visual Management in the Five M's

"In gemba, management must manage the five M's: manpower, machines, materials, methods, and measurements."

Pseudo-Managerial Functions of Supervisors in Gemba

"Kaizen is accomplished by changing the way people do their jobs rather than by spending large amounts of money."

Kaizen at Toyota Astra Motor Company

"Toyota Astra Motor Company had the following managerial layers in gemba: group leaders, foremen, supervisors, and section managers."

The Ultimate Production System: Push Versus Pull

"In order to achieve successful quality, cost, and delivery and satisfy the customer as well as itself, a manufacturing company must have three major systems in place."

Just-In-Time at Wiremold

"People-time invested in training and invested in kaizen activities to change the factory around, change the flow, and improve the way that we work."

The Journey to Kaizen at Leyland Trucks

"Multifunctional project groups, properly sponsored, trained and facilitated, spring forth regularly and deliver remarkable results free of bureaucracy and senior management intervention."

Always Learning at Lobro

"Accordingly, the company posted various graphs and charts on the current status of kaizen activities on the walls and in every corner of the factory."

Support from Top Management

""Why is it that when a company introduces something new, such as quality circles, a suggestion system, or total quality management, it experiences some initial successes, but soon such successes disappear like fireworks on a summer night."


This Book Summary contains Concept Extracts from:

Gemba Kaizen
Masaaki Imai

McGraw Hill Professional Book Group
Copyright (c) 1997 by the Kaizen Institute, Ltd.

Biography: More than any other business authority in the world, Masaaki Imai has championed the concept of kaizen throughout the world in thought, word, and deed. Considered one of the leaders of the quality movement, Mr. Imai is an international lecturer, consultant, and chairman of Kaizen Institute of Japan, which has offices worldwide.

Mr. Imai's first book, Kaizen?translated into 14 languages, with more than 179,000 copies sold?has become the "bible" of the quality/management movement. Gemba Kaizen picks up where Kaizen left off, introducing the latest quality-improvement methods and focusing on their application in making products and rendering services?the core activities of your business.

Key Phrases in this title:
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    • Product Innovation Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Ranganath Nayak, James Utterback, Marvin Patterson, Milind Lele, Gary Pisano, Michel Robert
    • Product Positioning Vijay Jolly, Geoffrey Moore, Jean-Pierre Jeannet, David Aaker, Sharon Oster, Milind Lele, Kevin Clancy, Robert Shulman, Philip Kotler, Scott Davis, Frederick Webster, Michael McGrath
  • Manufacturing & Operations
    • ERP, JIT, & TQM John Schorr, Richard Ludwig, John Dunleavy, Martin Deise, Conrad Nowikow, Patrick King, Amy Wright, George Labovitz, Victor Rosansky, Masaaki Imai, Kenneth Hartley, James Hurley, Mark Fruin, Jeffrey Liker, Grant Norris, Charles Poirier, Mohamed Zairi, Paul Adler
    • Activity-Based Management Richard Schonberger, John Miller, Price Waterhouse, Richard Ludwig, Lianabel Oliver, James Antos, James Brimson, Shahid Ansari, Jan Bell, CAM-I Target Cost Core Group, John Tracy, Jeremy Hope, Tony Hope
  • Best Practices & Process Improvement
    • Improving the Process Bart Victor, Andrew Boynton, Leonard Schlesinger, Harry Jackson, Daniel Stowell, Normand Frigon, Geary Rummler, Alan Brache, Thomas Davenport, Daniel Hunt, Jerome Finnigan, James Heskett, Earl Sasser, Mark Fruin, Jeffrey Liker, Peter Keen, Gary Pisano, Paul Adler
    • The Practice of Benchmarking Susanne Kelly, Jac Fitz-Enz, Peter Schwartz, Sebastian Nokes, James Harrington, James Harrington, Mary Anne Allison, Blair Gibb, Steven Hronec, Andrew Freeman, Jerome Finnigan, Ron Dembo, Mohamed Zairi
    • Implementing Improvements Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Ranganath Nayak, James Utterback, Thomas Wallace, Don Tapscott, Brad Humphrey, Jeff Stokes, Daniel Stowell, Michael Hammer, James Champy, Tom Connellan, Masaaki Imai, Art Caston, Ron Zemke, Michael Cowley, Ellen Domb, Mohamed Zairi, Michel Robert
  • Balancing Products & Services
    • Product & Services Customization Bart Victor, Andrew Boynton, Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Ian Gordon, Jerry Luftman, Bob Dorf, David Anderson, Joseph Pine, James Gilmore, Nicholas Imparato, Oren Harari
    • Personalizing Customer Service Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Kenneth Preiss, Steven Goldman, Roger Nagel, Richard Whiteley, Diane Hessan, Betsy Sanders, Andrew Shapiro, Leonard Berry, Bob Dorf, Tom Connellan, Kristin Anderson, Gary Goodman, Ron Zemke, Ron Zemke, Kate Maddox, Dana Blankenhorn, Jim Sterne
    • Developing a Customer Service Strategy Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Betsy Sanders, John Dunleavy, Robert Spector, Leonard Berry, Scott Gross, Stan Adler, Kenneth Hartley, Patrick McCarthy, Forler Massnick, Stanley Brown, James Hurley, Douglas Gantenbein, Grant Norris, Bob Burg, Jim Sterne
    • Structuring & Analyzing the Value Chain John Henry Clippinger, Kenneth Preiss, Steven Goldman, Roger Nagel, Jac Fitz-Enz, Martin Deise, Conrad Nowikow, Patrick King, Amy Wright, Joseph Pine, David Bovet, Kathy Yohalem, Liam Fahey, James Brian Quinn, David Riggs, Sharon Robbins, Joseph Martha, Ron Ashkenas, Dave Ulrich, Todd Jick, Steve Kerr
  • Negotiating the Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Management John Oleson, John Schorr, Tim Laseter, Robert Grosse, Keith Brown, Emiko Banfield, David Bovet, Charles Poirier, Stephen Reiter, Joseph Martha, Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, John Kamauff
    • Logistics Management Thomas Wallace, Tim Laseter, Thomas Davenport, George Stalk, Charles Poirier, Stephen Reiter, Mark Scott, Frederick Webster, Carl Stern, Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, John Kamauff
    • B2B Purchasing in the New Economy John Schorr, Neil Rackham, John De Vincentis, Tim Laseter, Emiko Banfield, Peter Cohan, Charles Poirier, Stephen Reiter, Frederick Webster, Mohamed Zairi, David Riggs, Sharon Robbins, Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, John Kamauff
  • Adjusting to Product Life Cycles
    • Product Life Cycles Charles O'Reilly, Michael Cusumano, David Yoffie, Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Michael Tushman, Price Waterhouse, Paul Millier, David Thielen, Peter Boer, Milind Lele, Frederick Webster, Gary Pisano, Michel Robert, Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, John Kamauff
  • Managing Channels & Distribution
    • Channel Management John Oleson, Robert Hiebeler, Thomas B Kelly, Charles Ketteman, Steven Wheeler, Evan Hirsh, Martin Deise, Conrad Nowikow, Patrick King, Amy Wright, Kenneth Rolnicki, Robert Duboff, Jim Spaeth, Kathy Yohalem, Liam Fahey
    • Channel Conflict in the New Economy Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Geoffrey Moore, Neil Rackham, John De Vincentis, Michael de Kare-Silver, Steven Wheeler, Evan Hirsh, Martin Deise, Conrad Nowikow, Patrick King, Amy Wright, Bob Dorf, Kenneth Rolnicki, Scott Davis, Walid Mougayar, Jim Sterne
  • The Shift toward a Services Economy
    • Improving the Process of Service Delivery Leonard Schlesinger, Chip Bell, Betsy Sanders, Leonard Berry, Jacques Horovitz, James Moore, Thomas Davenport, James Heskett, Earl Sasser, Peter Keen, James Brian Quinn, Jeremy Hope, Tony Hope
    • Creating a Service Culture Robert Slater, Leonard Schlesinger, Betsy Sanders, Robert Hiebeler, Thomas B Kelly, Charles Ketteman, Leonard Berry, Robert Hall, James Heskett, Earl Sasser, James Brian Quinn, Jeremy Hope, Tony Hope
  • Global Market Leadership
    • Global Business and Management Strategy Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Ranganath Nayak, Alvin Lehnerd, Marc Meyer, Peter Marber, Jean-Pierre Jeannet, David Aaker, Sheida Hodge, Robert Grosse, Virginia O'Brien, Joseph Quinlan, Micheline Maynard, Sumantra Ghoshal, Christopher Bartlett, Kathryn Stevens
    • Global Sourcing Gary Shilling, Jean-Pierre Jeannet, Tim Laseter, Robert Grosse, Sumantra Ghoshal, Christopher Bartlett, James Brian Quinn, Jordan Baruch, Karen Anne Zien, Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, John Kamauff, Ron Ashkenas, Dave Ulrich, Todd Jick, Steve Kerr
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